Device review PocketBook InkPad 4 and PocketBook Era (and its screen controversy)

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PocketBook InkPad 4, PocketBook Era
I am the lucky owner of a PocketBook InkPad 4. This is my first e-reader. I first thought about the Kindle, then about the Kobo and the PocketBook. Since I am located in the EU and since I am now using an e-reader, the PocketBook seems to me to be the most suitable device for my use case. I use e-readers to read books, I do not read comics or manga, so I do not need a colour device.

I have been very impressed with e-reader devices with e-ink, and I am extremely satisfied with the InkPad 4. I read a lot more, read faster and have more fun.

But... I have a wife :)

She was also interested in this device, so we need another one. I thought about other brands, but I decided on PocketBook. I like my current device, its software, build quality, the screen is great (for me) and I can read anywhere without any problems.

For the second device, I chose the PocketBook Era. Same brand, same features (sync with PB in the cloud, send to email ...) and it works with all the e-books I have. I should perhaps mention that I also use Calibre to manage my library of e-books.

I ordered the PocketBook Era from the German website The delivery was fast and I ordered the bundle with the Era and the original cover flip for 220 €. Good deal.

Era had more than 80 books pre-installed (in English, German and some other languages). A nice addition.

I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised. For some reason, the Era is slightly faster than the InkPad 4. Maybe because it has a smaller 7-inch screen, whereas the InkPad 4 has a 7.8-inch screen and the processor has to "work less". I find that the 7-inch design suits me a bit better. It is so nice to read on the Era. Oh, of course. The screen is perfect! :) I have read a lot on the web about the Era's screen, that the screen is very bad, the letters are not clear, and everything is smudged and unclean. Maybe the first Eras really were like that and could be "fixed" later with a software update, but I can confirm that the screen of the Era I received today is clear and easy to read, just like in the InkPad 4. There is a small difference, though. The Era's screen is slightly more brownish or yellowish than the InkPad 4 (see attached pictures). It's not better or worse, it's just different for some reason. But that doesn't bother me at all.


PocketBook Era is so comfortable to hold and read. I think all my next e-readers will be 7-inch.

The original PocketBook Era cover is made of a slightly different material than the original InkPad 4 cover. I like the InkPad cover better. This one for the Era is not as soft, it's a bit more textured, but still nice to hold.


At the moment I am absolutely convinced about PocketBook. I am sure that other well-known brands are also excellent, but I do not want to mix brands at the moment. It is easier that way.

I hope this is useful information for someone. Thank you for reading.

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