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New Features​

  • Allow fine tuning the colors used in the calibre interface via Preference->Look & feel->Main interface->User interface colors
  • Full text search window: Add actions to the context menu to open the book at the clicked on result. Also allow using the view book shortcut to open the currently selected search result
  • When showing the Full text search dialog, pre populate the search box with the contents of the main calibre search box if the main search box contains a simple search

Bug Fixes​

  • Windows: Fix a regression in 7.0 that caused images referring to files on the disk within comments columns to not display in some circumstances
  • E-book viewer: Fix clock showing hour as zero instead of 12 between 12 and 1 am/pm
  • Edit book: When wrapping selected text in a tag, preserve the selection after wrapping
  • Content server: Fix a periodic spurious error message when reading books in offline mode
  • Fix a regression in 7.0 caused by a regression in Qt that would result in calibre hanging rarely when using the cover browser view
  • Fix custom template functions not useable in save to disk templates
  • Fix a regression in 7.2 that caused the popup used for editing fields in the book list to be mis-positioned on very wide monitors
  • Version 7.5.1 fixes a bug in 7.5.0 where calibre would not start up using dark colors when the system was in dark mode on some windows installs and another bug that could cause errors when using cover grid mode with covers stored in CMYK colorspace

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Discuss the release in the comments below.

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