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Internet Archive Forced to Remove 500,000 Books After Court Rules in Favor of Publishers
The Internet Archive suddenly has half a million fewer books to offer, this being the result of the book publishers winning a court battle against the free online library, ArsTechnica reported. The publishers have long been skeptical of the Internet Archive’s modus operandi, accusing it of copyright infringement. The Internet Archive, on its part, has said it would be contesting the court’s order and put forth its case afresh. They wish to convince the court their lending of e-books does not lead to any violation of existing copyright laws or that there is no evidence the e-book market or the publishers suffered any damages from IA’s activities. The court is going to hear the case starting June 28. Read more... Leave your comment...
Amazon’s Original Book Business Still Thriving, Generates $16.9 billion in 10 Months in 2022
Amazon had started its journey selling books. That was in 1994 and the same seems to have witnessed a resurgence of sorts several decades down the line. What is interesting is that the company is also known the world over for its Kindle range of e-readers and has the Kindle Store that boasts a comprehensive collection of e-books spanning almost all genres that you may comprehend. Read more... Leave your comment below. ----- Source: Good e-Reader
OverDrive “All Access” – Enjoy Premium Books with No Waiting
As part of OverDrive’s advocacy for flexible and reasonable digital book costs for schools and libraries, OverDrive announced today three new All Access Collections of simultaneous use ebook subscriptions for libraries. Designed to address the significant growth in reader demand for eBooks within the Libby and Sora apps, libraries will delight patrons with access to a growing catalog of in-demand titles without any holds. These genre-specific collections, priced with a fixed annual fee, will add meaningful inventory of popular titles to libraries and supplement other access models available from OverDrive Marketplace. Read more... Leave your comment below. ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Paper Book or E-Reader: Which is Climate-Friendly?
It’s a complicated question to answer! This is because of the complex interplay of the resources involved in the whole lifecycle of a published work: how books and devices are shipped, what energy they use to run, if they can be recycled. Digital reading is surging into popularity – especially audiobooks. As per the Association of American Publishers, audiobooks now boast about the same share of the total US book market as e-books — roughly 15%. But print is still by far the most popular format. Read more... Leave your comment below. ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Cheaper Prices Can Help Combat Book Piracy
It is common knowledge that you can save money if the prices of commodities are lower. This is why many people are using lower-quality pirated books, movies, and music. However, if the real reason is price, lower book prices on legal content can increase sales. A study conducted by researchers shows that lowering the original book price greatly reduces indirect visits to pirate sites. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
The Book House – New eReader and Vivlio app
Casa del Libro has taken an important step towards the digital era with the launch of its own new generation ereader, to replace the Tagus. This new device is called Vivlo, and it has not arrived alone, since the complementary mobile app Vivlo has also been presented. Double bet on digital to continue surviving in such a competitive world. This initiative seeks to offer readers a more complete and accessible reading experience, with an alternative for those who prefer to read on electronic devices rather than paper… An identical strategy to the one Amazon already followed, with the Kindle device and the app for mobile devices with the same name. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
The Sexiest Books Of All Time, According to Goodreads
Goodreads has ranked it’s top 45 most salacious stories ever. The books were spread across three categories – BookTok (for those readers who don’t mind a cheeky scroll), romance (hot and heavy stuff) and romantasy (hot and heavy but mainly because – dragons). You’d imagine a bestseller like 50 Shades of Grey or maybe something from Mills & Boon to top the list but alas they did not. The winner of the sexiest book of all time was aptly named Mister Orgasm by Lauren Blakely. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Amazon Reveals Best Books of 2024
The Amazon Books Editors share their list of favorites from among the vast selection of books released so far this year on Amazon Amazon has announced that the Amazon Books Editors have revealed the Best Books of the Year So Far, naming Percival Everett’s novel, James, as the top choice. The Amazon Books Editors call it “a wildly entertaining and thought-provoking read that cements Percival Everett as one of the best modern-day writers.” Other titles that rounded out the top five include The Women by Kristin Hannah, All the Worst Humans: How I Made News for Dictators, Tycoons, and Politicians by Phil Elwood, The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley, and Martyr! by Kaveh Akbar. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Kindle App for iOS and Android Now Supports TTS Feature
The Kindle app for Android, iOS, and Mac (sorry, not Windows) now supports text-to-speech feature, a Reddit post on this revealed. It can read out in several international languages at the moment, which includes Spanish and French, apart from English of course. What is nice about the feature is that it can read aloud personal documents as well. The particular words that are being read aloud get highlighted too, which should be very helpful for those who like to read the text while it is being read aloud. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Will you buy the new Onyx Boox Go 7 Color?
The Onyx Boox Go Color, a recent addition to the market, has swiftly gained popularity. It has already become the top-selling e-reader on Good e-Reader, with Onyx Boox receiving a significant number of orders from its online store. This surge in demand for e-readers that display colour content could be attributed to the entry of Rakuten Kobo with their Libra Colour and Kobo Clara Colour e-readers. Are you considering joining the trend and purchasing the new Onyx Boox Go? Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Amazon Kindle Scribe is available at Target for a $100 discount
Discover a unique deal on the Kindle Scribe, not on Amazon’s website but through their distributors. Target is currently offering a $100 discount on this digital notebook, a significant saving. The Kindle Scribe is not just a digital notebook; it’s a versatile tool that allows you to write in ebooks, draw freely, or edit PDF files. It also doubles as a large-screen digital reader, where you can purchase and read books and listen to audiobooks. It truly is the best of both worlds. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Aussie Teens’ Reading Habits revealed
Australian teens would sooner flick through the pages of a physical novel than listen to an audiobook or read on their phone or tablet, Deakin University research reveals. But almost three in 10 students in Years 7-12 say they do not read in their spare time, highlighting an urgent need to foster reading among youth in the digital age. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
Readmoo and PocketBook Partner to Launch New 10.3-inch Color E Ink Tablet
Readmoo and PocketBook have come together to launch a new e-note device featuring a 10.3-inch color e-paper display, the website Yahoo.com reported. While there isn’t a lot that we know of the upcoming e-note device, what is known is that the e-note will offer Readmoo reading and mooSound services. The e-reader will be running Android with support for Google Play. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader
5 Inspiring Books About Sports Stars
Diehard sports fans aren’t happy just watching their favourite athletes play. They want to know about their lives, backgrounds, struggles, and comeback stories. That’s why biographies and sports-related books are so popular: they provide first-hand information about legendary athletes and a whole new perspective on unforgettable events. Reading biographies is undoubtedly among the best ways to learn about someone’s life outside the spotlight. They also give readers unique insights into historical events, with accounts from those who lived through them and left their marks. Here are some of the best sports biographies and books about eternal stars. Read more... ----- Source: Good e-Reader

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